AZ License Training:


This enhanced Tractor-Trailer & Flatbed Training Program is the most robust educational program we offer to provide our students to get AZ License Training (MELT COMPLIANT), designed by highly qualified professionals to respond to ever-changing industry and its demands.  It includes advanced skills, in-depth driving techniques and comprehensive knowledge of the trucking industry including current regulatory Ministry of Transportation (MTO) standards.  Of course, this enhanced program also fully prepares you for the Commercial Ontario AZ Drivers License examination and teaches you the skills you'll need to find employment in the trucking industry.


OPTION I: CLASS A -  Total cost is $6,500. HST Exempt, no taxes
Breakdown of Package:
103.50 Hours of Training & Truck supplied for road test
4 weeks Full-Time or 8 weeks Part-Time

OPTION II: CLASS AZ -  Total cost is $8,150. HST Exempt, no taxes
Breakdown of Package
200 Hours of Training & Truck supplied for road test
​8 Weeks Full-Time


Pine ValleyDriving Academy, AZ Licence, curriculum employs modern technologies and ensures its students are trained in the following subjects;

Knowledge Skills:

  • The theory of Highway Traffic Act, including: Rules of the Road, Route Planning, Weights & Limitations, Laws & Regulations for US and Canada, Hours of Service (Log Book), Pre & Post Trip Vehicle Inspections, Accident Procedures, Load Securement & Distribution and Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Theory of Safe and efficient operation of commercial vehicles equipped with Air Brake Systems.
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Border Crossing Procedures, including documentation and border protocol.
  • Training for basic vehicle maintenance and instructions to diagnose and report malfunctions.
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (W.H.M.I.S), Professional Driver Improvement Course (P.D.I.C.), Handling Emergencies & Cargo Securement

Practical Skills:

  • 50 HOURSone-to-one defensive driving training in a variety of spatial constraints; including traffic, backing and parking, weather and daylight conditions.  Safe and defensive driving techniques, operate vehicle in accordance with Highway Traffic Act.
  • 17 HOURStechnical driving maneuvers; including Use of Controls, Coupling & Uncoupling, Sliding Axles, 5th Wheel, Pre & Post Trip Inspections and Load Securement Procedures
  • Air Brakes Practical and Maintenance of your vehicle training.


  • Valid Ontario Class 'G' License or higher
  • Knowledge verification of Rules of the Road and Signs
  • Grade 10 English or Equivalent
  • MTO approved Medical Form completed


  • Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

In 2016, 100% of students enrolled in the Tractor-Trailer & Flatbed Training Program graduated. Pine Valley Driving Academy is your road to get your training you need to pursue your career in the trucking industry.  We assist graduates and teach job search techniques to help find jobs in the trucking industry.  Master the skills and you will be better prepared as an entry-level driver to work for the major truckload carriers

Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Tractor-Trailer & Flatbed Training Program