School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC)

Pine Valley Driving Academy, School Bus Driver Improvement Course, SBDIC, is 6 1/2-hour course candidates will know the rules and requirements and characteristics of a defensive bus driver.  You need this defensive driving course to obtain your B or E class license. We offer Ontario Safety League approved SBDIC course.


  • Applicants will learn how to be a defensive driver.
  • Applicants will learn the school bus braking systems.
  • Applicants will learn proper procedure of pickup and drop off children
  • Applicants will learn evacuation procedure in case of emergencies.
  • Applicants will understand the vehicle dynamics
  • Applicants will know the proper procedure of railway crossings for school bus drivers.
  • Applicants will know how to adjust driving according to road conditions.
  • Applicants will understand the proper documents and emergency equipment for school buses.
  • Applicants will learn proper pre and post trip inspections of school buses.
  • Applicants will learn the Hours of Service.
  • Applicants will know the Highway Traffic Act regarding school buses.

Upon successful completion of the SBDIC course applicants will receive certificate issued by Ontario Safety League. 


$200 including book and certificate.

Please call for next available course dates.