Pine Valley Driving Academy have a team of experienced driving instructors who have the skill to provide initial shunter training and refresher shunter training for companies who employ yard shunter truck drivers throughout Ontario.

The shunt truck driver training program is designed to provide drivers with the theoretical knowledge and practical techniques to safely manoeuvre both articulated and rigid tractor trailers around a company’s private premises and adjoining private roads, but not on the public highway.  Individuals are taught best practices skills to ensure the safety of yard personnel and prevent damage to vehicles and property in vicinity.


  • Shunt Truck Driver Training program is conducted at the employers premises
  • Maximum ratio of 4 drivers to 1 instructor using the shunter vehicle and trailers the drivers will be required to operate.
  • Program duration is between 6- 8 hours, subject to the complexity of the task, driving experience of the individual and number of individuals attending.

Improved awareness of risks unique to depot environments
Increased safety by understanding the correct coupling/uncoupling procedures



  • Shunt truck safe work procedures and reporting. 
  • Compliance with the MOL laws and Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Dock safety & door lighting guidelines/procedures
  • Annual inspection, Daily inspection, Air Brake components
  • Preventative maintenance program
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Education & training guidelines for collegues, third party carriers, drivers & contractors
  • Monitoring/compliance and auditing procedures


  • Daily inspection on the shunter vehicle and trailer
  • Defect reporting
  • Correct safe procedures for the movement, coupling and uncoupling of the various types of trailers
  • Reversing of vehicles with trailers in a straight line
  • Good side and blind side reversing as well as site specific reversing into buildings, onto loading bays or into a confined space.
  • Hand signals to be used for assiting drivers in manoeuvring vehicles
  • Importance in the operation of trailer parking brakes, the associated risks when parking or maneuvering on slopes and the end of shift procedure.
  • Safe parking procedures
  • Air Brakes refresher training

Please note:The program is for on-site shunter driver training, it includes assessments, manuals and certification will be provided upon successful completion.

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shunt truck training program