Pine Valley Driving Academy have a team of experienced driving instructors who have the skill to provide towing light trailer program for companies who employ pick-up truck and trailer combination drivers throughout Ontario.
Towing light trailer course is specifically developed for clients who utilize light trailers in their business. This program meets Ontario Highway Traffic Act requirements.


  • Towing Light Trailer program is conducted at the employers premises
  • Maximum ratio of 4 drivers to 1 instructor using the pick up truck/trailer combination the drivers will be required to operate.
  • Program duration is between 6 - 8 hours, subject to the complexity of the task, driving experience of the individual and number of individuals attending.


  • Increase the knowledge and safety awareness of drivers who are responsible for towing a variety of trailers including utility and tandem units. 
  • Increased safety by understanding the correct coupling/uncoupling procedures.
  • It will benefit experienced drivers including drivers who have limited experience in trailer towing and maneuvering.



 Section One: Introduction                                 

  • Safety Messages 
  • Hook and unhook safety 
  • Safety Decals 
  • Emergency Equipment for Road Safety
  • Tire Safety 
  • Ontario Driver Licensing Requirements 
  • Light Commercial Motor Vehicles


Section Three: Cargo Securement

  • Know your Vehicle & Weight 
  • Trailer Load and Ball Size 
  • Tongue Weight (Hitch) 
  • Trailer Tires 
  • Trailer Load Distribution 
  • NSC Standard 10 Cargo Securement

          & Ontario Highway Traffic Act 

Section Five: Inspection 

  • Vehicle Pre Trip/ Post Trip Inspection 
  • Pre-Trip Safety Check 
  • Regulations/Standards


  • Pre-trip assessments
  • Safe procedure of hooking and unhooking trailers
  • Lane Changing
  • Proper use of mirrors
  • Acceleration and braking practices
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Proper seat adjustment
  • Defensive driving
  • Proper steering control
  • Road safety awareness
  • Intersection hazards
  • Night driving hazards
  • Accident avoidance
  • Time blow out safety procedures
  • Off road recovery 
  • Distracted driving
  • Backing

Please note:The program is for the on-site towing training program, it includes assessments, manuals and certification will be provided upon successful completion.

Section Two: Combinations of Trailers/Trailer Hook Up

  • Tow Trailers & Combinations 
  • Trailer Hitch Combinations 
  • Trailer Brake Options 
  • Electric Brake
  • Vehicle in Cab Electric Trailer Brake Control
  • Ball Hitch Connection 
  • Trailer Jack Stands
  • Trailer Tilt Deck/ Ramp Deck Apparatus
  • Procedure for Secure Trailer Hook Up

Section Four: Road Safety

  • Road Speed 
  • Space Management 
  • Steering Control 
  • Passing 
  • Safety at intersections 
  • Vehicle Dynamics 
  • Backing Safety 

Section Six: Reporting & Record Keeping Requirement

  • Pre/Post Trip Inspections
  • Hours of Service (Log Books)  
  • Standards/ Regulations

Towing Light Trailer Program