This non-vocational AZ License training refresher course offered by Pine Valley Driving Academy is to provide students with the basic theoretical knowledge and practical training to operate a Tractor-Trailer. 

The training would allow students to be employed as Tractor-Trailer AZ Driver the training reflects the minimum standard and additional training maybe required by the employers to meet their specific needs.

Learning Outcome from this AZ License Training Refresher Course:

  • Applicant must know how to inspect and complete Pre-trip inspection reports on current condition of the Tractor-Trailer for safe and effective operation.
  • Applicant must have knowledge to manage and accurately maintain the required documents as required by MTO in order to comply with Highway Traffic Act rules and regulations.
  • Applicant must learn to recognize extreme driving conditions and utilize knowledge of defensive driving to be a safe driver.
  • Applicant will ensure cargo/goods and handling equipment are safely loaded in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Applicant must learn to communicate in a variety of ways as with company dispatcher, shippers, receivers etc
  • Applicant will learn how to operate air-brake systems with knowledge.


  • Applicant must have Ontario AZ License

PACKAGE I: 5 hours of driver training  Total cost is $750
PACKAGE II: 10 hours of driver training   Total cost is $1500

Please Note: This program doesn't need approval from the Ontario Career College Act 2005.